5 Month Composer Academy/Intensive

Want to make a career as a film composer? Discover a five-month intensive course for composers that opens doors to the film industry.

5 Month Intensive Begins Jan 15 (Limited To 20 Students)

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Our Most Comprehensive, Program Culminating In Real World Client Pitches And Acquisition.

Advanced Film Composer Course And Mentorship

Discover an innovative deep-learning program for film composers designed especially for those who live and love the world of music, film, and television, and digital media If you want to make a professional career and want to do the work, there is no other program like this, and this deep.

Talent is a gift, but practice makes it a skill.
Norman Vincent Peale.

Master Class From Successful Film Composers

Passion and affinity for music and film art.

Take your first steps and make this your profession with renowned film composers with decades of experience in the music industry and creators of memorable pieces in film and television.

This program gives you exclusive and unique access to their creative process. They will teach you their film composition techniques, how they work, and how they create and select the piece to complement and give a touch of life to each scene. 

You will learn what inspires them, how they create harmony and  melody, and how they use notes and chords, so you can develop the necessary skills and abilities that will allow you to capture your inspiration and captivate the audience.


Learning And Breaking Down Scores From The Masters

It is a unique opportunity that each master class breaks down one by one famous film scores to unveil the techniques used by celebrities of the seventh art, such as John Williams, James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman, etc., so you can understand how musical pieces are created.

Discover how these greats have made you feel joy, sadness, anguish, panic, surprise, etc. when watching a scene. Then YOU will be using these techniques in your class scoring assignments

A Score to Picture Program

Learn from real professionals, with real world scoring assignments and feedback.

This is an opportunity to polish and put talent into practice, with personalized advice and step-by-step follow-up so you can apply special techniques and make a career as a film composer.

Classes, advanced mentoring by professional composers, and personalized tutorials that complement online learning aim to train and inspire the next generation of the music, film, and television industry and guide them to follow their passion.

Bring out the full potential of your talent!


We Take 5 Months And GET YOU READY!

Through masterclasses, participants gain:

Orchestration Coaching

Through masterclasses, participants gain:


Multiple weekly assignments to develop their creativity. Working alongside and with fellow classmates

Film Scoring

Scoring assignments for films and pictures to associate the images with the music and convey emotions. Learn by scoring scenes in all genres

New Job Opportunities

The most outstanding students will have the chance to connect with real clients within the industry to apply the knowledge acquired. This program ends with actual pitch sessions to real world clients

Music Composition Program

The training program unveils five months of intensive deep learning so that you can understand film composition techniques correctly and take advantage of the best technological resources and create realistic professional pieces using your computer.

Mastering Technology And Sample Based Scoring

Learn how to create realistic mock-ups and use advanced MIDI control of sample based instruments, including articulation mapping, MIDI CC control and controllers, template building, using the latest sample libraries.

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Starting Jan. 15, 2024


Why Pursue A Career As A Film Composer?

Music lovers often have as their first goal to become singers and stars on stage. However, this is a short and tiring career that involves going from one place to another during long tours, spending hours inside a bus, and with the passing of time, possibly having fewer and fewer gigs. 

There is so much more in the music industry to explore! 

With a range of career options that allow them to develop and exploit their potential long-term, film composing is an ageless career constantly growing and demands new and fresh talent that can bring new ideas. 

Advantages of a Career as a Film Composer

Take Your Passion To The Next Level!

What Will You Find In Each Class Of Our Music Composition Program?

Scoring to pictures

Orchestration coaching

Fundamentals of film composing

Music composition techniques

Practical guidelines for composing on instruments.

Creation of musical pieces based on film genres.

Teamwork skills

Follow-up and personalized consulting

Real work feedback and Business training

Using computers to create very realistic mockups

Who Can Apply to the Film Scoring Course?

This music composition program is aimed at people with a passion and vocation for music and film who are interested in learning how to create high-impact musical compositions capable of transmitting emotions that transcend the screen.

We are interested in musicians with deverse musical backgrounds not just people with composition degrees. The best digital media composers are usually ones with a creative production or music background. Music reading is not necessary, but we encourage non readers to begin the process.

Advanced Film Scoring Program.

How Can I Join The Film Scoring Classes?

The course is designed for people with a vocation and unique talent who wish to express themselves through every lyric and every note.

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Step Three

Selection and Admission

After the interview, if you have met the candidate profile we are looking for, we will send you if you have been selected as part of the program and all the information about enrollment, schedules, and payment of classes.

The Most Comprehensive Online Composer Training

Starting Jan. 15, 2024

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